3-star generals to assume new posts

ROK Armed Forces nominated 3-star generals to their new positions:

1) VADM Um Hyun Sung, current ROK Navy Operations Command CC, will assume his new post at ROK JCS as the Vice Chairman;
2) LTG Jeong Yeon Bong, current ROK Army 8th Corps CG, has been appointed as ROKA’s next Vice CoS;
3) Maj Gen Won Inchul, current Director of Exercise and Training, ROK JCS, has been nominated for promotion to step up as the next ROKAF VCoS;
4) MG Kim Hwang Rok, current Korea Defense Intelligence Command CG, promoted to become the next Director of KDIA;
5) VADM Lee Ki Shik, current Chief Director of Military Support, ROK JCS, as the next ROKN Operations Command CC;
6) Lt Gen Lee Wang Keun, current ROKAF Education and Training Command CC, as the next ROKAF Operations Command CC;
7) LTG Kim Yong Hyun, current ROKA Capital Defense Command CG, as the next Chief Director of Operations, ROK JCS;
8) Lt Gen Kang Gu Young, current ROKAF VCoS, as the next Chief Director of Military Support, ROK JCS;
9) LTG Lim Hoyoung, current ROKA 5th Corps CG, as the next Chief Director of Strategic Plans, ROK JCS;

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