DAPA posts explanation materials on the current situation of the KF-X program

In midst of the ongoing controversy on the KF-X program, DAPA has posted explanation session materials on the current situation of the program on the DAPA website. The materials cover the current issues on the program, stating its importance and positive effects and explain the timeline of the program, F-X offset agreement, and future plans on the development of the four core integration technologies whose transfer has been declined by the US government.
The future plans depict domestic development for the EO TGP and RF jammer, a possible foreign technology cooperation for IRST, and expediting the domestic development of the AESA radar while importing AESA radar from a third country for the first batch. However, the explanations in the material also acknowledge that not transferring the four technologies is not a contract violation and that there was a lack of timely reports to the press and government.

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