DAPA to sign draft contract on KF-X program with Indonesia within the month

 Despite speculations that the Indonesian government was pulling out of the KF-X program, DAPA announced that the ROK and Indonesian governments are conducting negotiations to sign a draft contract within the month. The contract will be on the respective roles and the costs of the KF-X program. The two nations agreed to conduct an exploratory development of a combat aircraft in 2011, and also reached a basic agreement in October 2014 that Indonesia will pay for 20% of the costs of the KF-X system development.
In addition, MND has emphasized the importance of the KF-X program despite the numerous suspicions over whether the program will be successfully conducted. The MND spokesperson acknowledged the uncertainties of R&D, but stated that with the concerted efforts of the parties concerned, the challenges of the program can be overcome. However, many experts in the industry raise concerns on the expedited timeline to develop the core technologies for the program.

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