DMZ improvement budget exaggerated

The budget of forces improvement along the DMZ for following year is planned to be increased by 40%, but Representative Baek Gun Gi, member of opposition NPAD party and National Defense Committee alleged that it has been exaggerated without reasonable justification. According to his analysis, the budget directly related to the improvement of operational capability along the DMZ is estimated at KRW 122.3 billion, only 4% of KRW 3 trillion and 2.8 billion that was submitted to the National Assembly. In more detail, KRW 55.8 billion, KRW 41.6 billion, KRW 21.8 billion are assigned to improvement of surveillance forces, enhancement of strike forces, and operational expenses, respectively, but the allocation of the rest, KRW 3 trillion, is rather unclear and not supported with any justification.

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