KF-X development uncertain to be finished by 2025

DAPA stated that the development of the KF-X program is targeted to be finished by 2025, but acknowledged uncertainty in the timeline. As the US government declined the offset technology transfer of the four core technologies from the F-X program, including the AESA radar, DAPA faces the obstacles of developing the technology, which has an innate uncertainty on timelines, or importing from other sources, which also has the problem of integrating systems. DAPA explains the four projects were incorporated into the F-X Offset MOA even though DAPA acknowledged that they were, from the outset, subject to US government export license in order not to rule out slight possibility of export license approval. In addition, a DAPA official mentioned that if the remaining 21 types of technology for the F-X program offset is disapproved by the US government, the development of the KF-X itself could be uncertain.

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