Lockheed Martin’s Combat Systems Will Be Installed in the three next generation Aegis ships

Lockheed Martin’s Aegis combat system will be installed in the three next generation Aegis ships to be put in service as of 2013 following the decision of the 90th DAPEC Committee. DAPA announced its plan to accept the LOA after technical and offset negotiation with the US Government and Lockheed Martin.
The combat system will be the core system for KAMD as it can detect aircraft and missile trajectory from 1000km. The next generation Aegis ships will be 15% more upgraded compared to the current Sejong Class ROKN Aegis ships. According to DSCA, the total contract price of the combat system is USD 1.91 Billion (approximately KRW 2.18 Trillion). Recently, most large defense contracts have been signed with Lockheed Martin (KRW 29 Trillion including the Aegis combat system), including the F-X program (KRW 7 Trillion), the KF-X program (KRW 18 Trillion) and the KF-16 Upgrade program (KRW 1.75 Trillion)

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