Preliminary notice on PKX-B Batch I system development supervision service

DAPA issued a preliminary notice for the tender for PKX-B Batch I system development supervision service. The service will cover, in general, shipbuilding process pursuant to relevant regulations and standards to construct a qualified patrol killer. The budget for the service is set at KRW 499 million. Any contractor who desires to participate in the project shall submit to DAPA one original copy of service participation application and one original copy of service implementation capability evaluation with six duplicates by the last day of November. Any written inquiries related to the two aforementioned papers can be submitted to DAPA between November 9 and 11 with response by DAPA returned to the inquirer by November 16. Eligibility to render the service will be determined based on the papers and be notified to the tender individually. Bidding notice is scheduled to be posted on January 13, 2016.

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