Prototype of AH-63E Apache Guardian Helicopters to be acquired by ROKA unveiled

The prototype of the Apache Guardian (AH-64E) was unveiled by Boeing in Arizona to DAPA, ROKA, and Boeing officials. As 36 of these attack helicopters are to be acquired by ROKA for KRW 1.8 trillion, the delivery of the helicopters to ROKA is to begin next year with the last delivery planned for 2017. The helicopter is to replace the existing and aging McDonnell Douglas MD 500 currently used in ROKA, following the decision in 2013 to acquire the Apache helicopters to strengthen forces against nK armored forces. The Longbow radar, which boasts a range of 10km to 15km and the capability to track 256 targets among over 1,000 detected, will be equipped on several of these helicopters.

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