Results of 90th Defense Acquisition Program Executive Committee

The 90th Defense Acquisition Program Executive Committee was held on 1400 October 12 at DAPA, covering the agenda of TICN initial production plans, reports on the negotiations of the combat system for Gwanggaeto-III Batch-II, and the preferred negotiation bidder for the Air-to-Surface guided missile system development for the LAH.
As for the TICN, developed by ADD from December 2012 to June 2015, the field operations tests has revealed the system, which will replace the existing voice-based analog system to a digital system capable of data distribution, to be suitable for combat. The system, which will be fielded in the armed forces over eight years, has been approved for its initial production of four sets by 2016.
The acquisition program of the combat system for the Gwanggaeto-III Batch-II is to acquire the Aegis system to be equipped on the Batch-II ships through FMS, and the negotiations with the US government and with Lockheed Martin have led to agreements that meet requirements. The LOA is to be issued after the report to the committee meeting.
The Air-to-Surface guided missile program for the LAH is for ADD and the selected sources to produce an Air-to-Surface guided missile to replace the existing TOW missiles. Upon the assessment of proposals, the preferred negotiation bidder has been selected to be Hanhwa for the guided missile system, fuse, and propulsion unit, LIG Nex1 for the guidance and control system, search equipment, driving equipment, and inertial navigation system, and Poongsan for the warhead.

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