ROK and US to revise “OPLAN 5015”

ROK and US plan to revise the new “OPLAN 5015” taking into consideration of nK tactics, moves, and military forces that ROK-US alliance caught following nK declaration of the eighth “quasi-state of war”. OPLAN 5015 consolidated OPLAN 5029 for the event of nK internal contingency, OPLAN 5027 in preparation of all-out war, and a peacetime OPLAN in response to local provocation. The OPLAN 5015 is also known to encompass plans against asymmetric aggression such as TBM/WMD and cyber warfare. OPLAN numberings vary from 1,000s to 9,000s, and PACOM-established OPLANs devised for KTO are designated with numbering of 5,000s.

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