Seven 4-star generals to assume new responsibilities

ROK Armed Forces nominated seven 4-star generals to their new positions:
1) GEN Lee Soon-jin, current 2OC CG, will succeed ADM Choi Yoon-hee to become the first KAAY alumni in history to serve as the Chairman of ROK JCS;
2) GEN Jang Joon-kyu, currently FROKA CG, as the next ROKA CoS;
3) GEN Kim Hyun-jib, current TROKA CG, as the Deputy Commander, CFC;
4) Lt Gen Jeong Kyong-du, current Chief Director of Strategic Plans, ROK JCS, is promoted to step up as the new ROKAF CoS;
5) LTG Kim Young-shik, current ROKA AOC CG, to step up as the FROKA CG;
6) LTG Um Ki-hak, current Chief Director of Operations, ROK JCS, to step up as the TROKA CG; and
7) LTG Park Chan-joo, current ROKA VCoS, to step us as the 2OC CG
Subsequent personnel orders involving 3-star generals and below are likely to take place in October.

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