US government said to have declined technology transfer for F-X program, imposing obstacles for development in KF-X program

As offset for the KRW 7.34 trillion F-X program to acquire 40 F-35A, Lockheed Martin signed contracts for 25 technology transfers which were promoted to be worth several trillion KRW. However, the US government declined the technology transfer of AESA radar, IRST equipment, electro-optical target tracking devices (EO TGP), and RF Jammers. DAPA is known to lack measures to penalize this violation of contract, but the ROKAF CoS stated that they knew these four technologies were not likely to be authorized. The technology was originally planned to be applied in the KF-X program, but the ROKAF CoS also mentioned that by domestically developing the technology or acquiring it from European sources, the KF-X development will proceed as planned.

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